Smoking Cessation

Your Stop Smoking Clinic in Downpatrick

Smoking is extremely harmful to our health yet giving up can be very difficult. You can stop smoking with Ballymote Pharmacy’s Stop Smoking clinic in Downpatrick!


Why is quitting so hard?

Almost everyone who really wants to quit finds it challenging. This is due to the nicotine found in tobacco being highly addictive leading to various withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It is these cravings that make giving up a mammoth task.

Withdrawal symptoms often include:

– Urge to smoke
– Weight gain
– Headaches
– Insomnia
– Concentration problems
– Fatigue
– Restlessness
– Mood irritability
– Mental health challenges
– Decreased appetite


stop smoking clinic downpatrick


Useful tips to quit smoking

We completely understand how hard battling addiction is. We can give you some simple but effective advice to make quitting ever so slightly easier:

– Ask friends to stop them smoking around you
– Try not to replace cigarettes with food
– Visible progress – such as a daily non-smoking jar so you can witness your daily progression
– E-cigarettes may help but are not risk-free.


How we can help

Our pharmacists are accredited Stop Smoking advisors and can provide counselling through the process of quitting. Additionally, we can provide you with the necessary anti-smoking products from Balloymote Pharmacy.

We can provide:

– nicotine replacement patches
– chewing gum
– nasal sprays
– Champix (varenicline) tablets

If you have any questions or want any extra information about our Stop Smoking Clinic in Downpatrick, don’t be afraid to contact us or book your appointment today!


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