24/7 Prescription Collection

The Pharmaself24 is an automated machine that allows patients to benefit from 24/7 prescription collection in Downpatrick. Sign up today!

Featuring simple bar-code technology for fast loading, an encrypted database and a method for prescription payment, the Pharmaself24 is hassle-free. This means you can collect your prescription 24/7, at a time of your choosing, even outside of pharmacy opening hours!

Just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Register your details using our Sign Up link.
2. Tick the collection box “Collect from the Pharmaself24 Collection Point.”
3. We will notify you when your prescription is ready.
4. A simple PIN code is texted to you.
5. Enter your PIN on the Pharmaself24 touchscreen and collect your medicines (HSC exemptions can be recorded or payments made).

No need to queue and no risk of a wasted journey!

Sign Up For 24/7 Prescription Collection